Nethansa Platform

Amazon sales and logistics automation software. Exploit the potential of AI.

Our platform perfectly meets the needs of Amazon sales management. One of the main functions of the Nethansa Platform is to adjust the prices - up or down - of our customers' products to best match the current supply and demand and competition on Amazon in real time.

Thanks to the Nethansa Platform, our turnover has increased significantly. Nowadays, we can make a forecast of turnover and orders of goods very easily. We cannot imagine being on Amazon without it. It is a real selling machine.

Arkadiusz Majkut


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Learn how the system for effective sales and logistics management in the Amazon works.

Automation of sales and logistics on Amazon in one tool!

Learn all the functions of our Nethansa Platform and build your competitive advantage with international sales.

Manage your Amazon listings effectively

Optimised product listings are key to profitable Amazon marketplace sales. With Nethansa Platform, you have full control over the listings’  parameters such as price, quantity, time of the shipment preparation and more. Thanks to our platform: 

Control the prices of your products

82% of all sales on Amazon are made through the Buy Box. An effective pricing policy is one of the key components that can have a major impact on winning the Buy Box position over and over again. Nethansa Platform:

Take advantage of Sales Intelligence

The key to maximizing sales on Amazon is to analyse data and draw the right conclusions. Our unique marketplace platform allows you to:

Actively control your inventory and orders

Logistics and order handling is a very important aspect of every online shop. The Nethansa Platform will help you to:

Send your goods quickly and efficiently

When selling on Amazon, you can send goods by yourself (FBM) or by using Amazon’s facilities (FBA). Our unique platform allows you to:

System settings and integrations

Our Nethansa Platform has an intuitive administration module that allows you:

You are two steps away from maximizing sales on Amazon with Nethansa Platform.

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