Manage thousands of products on Amazon.

Fast and efficiently

Automatically place your products on Amazon

Do you sell hundreds or even thousands of products? Excellent! Clipperon on the basis of EAN codes will automatically connect your products to the lists on Amazon. You can wholesale sell your found goods on all European markets of Amazon platform. Clipperon will ensure full synchronization of stocks and prices.

Easily edit key elements of your lists

When placing goods on sale on Amazon, mistakes can occur. If you are the owner of the listing, after uploading all product items, Clipperon will catch the shortcomings in the descriptions, which you can easily correct. From the level of our system you will manage the key parameters of the listing, such as: price, number of items to be shipped and time of preparation.

Place your goods on any market of your choice

Do you want to sell your products exclusively on the German market? Or should your goods be available in all 6 European Amazon markets? Whether you are expanding your business in one or several countries, our system will enable you to choose the right market. Once your products are introduced to Clipperon, they will automatically be linked to Amazon. This means that changes, i.e. stock and price, will be kept up to date without the need to reissue goods.

Analyse products based on selected criteria

The extensive ability to filter products and offers based on features is a quick and easy way to find relevant data. The most popular of more than 20 filters are: market selection, number of items in stock, minimum mark-up.

Quickly withdraw the product from the market of your choice

You have to stop selling goods in your country immediately? With Clipperon you can do it with one click. You have full control over all your offers. You can withdraw products from sale permanently or temporarily. The decision is yours.

Everything you need to sell effectively on Amazon. In one system.

Łukasz, Business Development Manager