Clipperon Integrator
Integrates Amazon accounts, logistic providers and all other software tools into your IT structure


  • All Amazon accounts and platforms
  • All established logistics companies, such as DHL, Eurohermes, UPS, etc.
  • Central banks (for current exchange rates)
  • The most common ERP systems
  • Downstream software tools are easy to connect via our API


Clipperon Synchronizer
Permanently updates your stock levels

  • Ensures that all your goods are online; constantly compares inventory with all your warehouses
  • Provides live synchronization between your ERP system and Amazon
  • All-in-one central location for easy management of thousands of products


Clipperon Repricer
Always two steps ahead of your competition

  • Always guarantees the sale at the best possible price (Algotrading)
  • Compares prices with competitors and adjusts them automatically


Clipperon Pricemanager
Sells only if profitable

  • Continuously calculates the minimum price for each Amazon market based on all components: Purchase price, surcharges, logistics costs, Amazon commission, returns reserve, VAT rate and exchange rates
  • Complete cost control – including reserves for returns


Clipperon Order Manager
Perfect service, more satisfied customers and more time for you

  • Processes orders with a single click
  • Stores orders from all sales channels in one place
  • Automatically calls the courier and prints the bill of lading
  • Automatically generates a pick list and purchase confirmation in the specified language, without the need for translation
  • Monitors the status of shipments until the package is delivered to the recipient


Clipperon Purchaising Manager
Your products – always at the best price

  • Analyses the offers of your suppliers – you always order the right products in the right quantities, at the best prices and in the right quantities
  • Calculates sales forecasts for goods in every country