Win a Buy Box

through an effective pricing policy!

Easily manage the prices of your goods

The Clipperon software calculates the gross price of the goods on an ongoing basis based on the costs incurred. You can determine the price range in which you want your product to be sold. The price is calculated on the basis of the purchase price, delivery costs, Amazon’s commission costs, Nethansa’s commission costs, provisions for reimbursement costs and VAT rate. This way you always know how much profit you will make at a given price.

Sell at the best price

The repricer function allows you to calculate the highest selling price of your products at a specific moment and in a business environment. The mechanism constantly analyses market conditions, number of competitive offers, their prices and other variables influencing the popularity of a particular product. The aim is to calculate the price that will ensure that your offers are most competitive and achieve the maximum selling price on each market on Amazon.

Automate the price management process for your products

Using a percentage or quota change in the minimum, standard and maximum mark-up, you can manage the prices of your products in bulk. The system guarantees sales at a price equal to or above the minimum price.

Sell with country-specific VAT

The system automatically assigns the VAT rates appropriate for the country of sale of your products. You can edit the default VAT rate for individual products or automatically for all selected products.

Recalculate prices of products in foreign currencies

Clipperon automatically updates currency exchange rates and converts product prices into relevant foreign currencies. The mechanism uses data from the European Central Bank.

Everything you need to sell effectively on Amazon. In one system.

Łukasz, Business Development Manager