Run data-driven sales on Amazon.

On a regular basis.

Create sales reports with important criteria

A special analysis panel provides aggregate order information and enables you to estimate turnover and potential profit on Amazon European markets. Importantly, you can estimate your profits before you start selling or even buying goods. All sales data can be analysed at any time.

Forecast your turnover and profits 30 days ahead

Based on product attractiveness and competitiveness, the Clipperon software estimates potential sales, turnover and profit for the next 30 days. This information will help you create an effective purchasing or pricing policy.

Analyse the market and competition

For each offer on Amazon, the software provides data on the number of competitors and the difference in the lowest price of the competitors compared to the price set by you.

Data on the competitive environment of your products is updated on an ongoing basis for each European Amazon market. The ability to filter offers with a small percentage difference above the price of the competitors makes it possible to manage wholesale sales efficiency. You can do this by reducing mark-ups, which consequently leads to a larger share of Buy Box.

Everything you need to sell effectively on Amazon. In one system.

Łukasz, Business Development Manager